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Municipal Law

Skyscrapers Downtown

We advise and defend some of the largest cities and counties in the state. Matters we handle for municipal clients include:

  • Civil-rights cases;

  • Employment law and lawsuits;

  • Bus accidents;

  • Roadway-design cases;

  • Other tort cases; and

  • Claims under the Public Records Act.

Police Liability

Police Cars

We defend municipalities, police officers, and federal agents in civil-rights lawsuits, and we've won defense verdicts in state and federal court. Some examples of the types of cases we've handled include:

  • Officer-involved shootings;

  • Property-damage claims after SWAT operations;

  • Automobile accidents during police pursuits; and

  • Lawsuits alleging wrongful arrest or excessive force.

Product Liability

Circuit Board

Our lawyers understand scientific evidence, and we have extensive experience defending product manufacturers and sellers. For instance, we've represented:

  • A carburetor manufacturer in a lawsuit about an airplane crash;

  • A computer manufacturer during the investigation of a fatal fire;

  • An airplane manufacturer in a lawsuit related to the design of an air-stair door; and

  • An electrical-system manufacturer in a lawsuit after a fire on a commercial airliner.

Aviation Law

Airplane Engine

One of our founding partners is a former Navy pilot who holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating. Among other cases, our aviation experience includes the defense of:

  • A helicopter-medical-transportation service in a wrongful-death action;

  • A commuter airline and its pilot after a midair collision;

  • The builder of an experimental airplane that crashed;

  • A helicopter-logging company in a personal-injury action; and

  • Airlines and airports in litigation involving in-flight emergencies, unruly passengers, boarding accidents, ground-crew injuries, and discrimination claims.

Premises Liability

Escalator Cleaning

We defend property owners in a wide variety of premises-liability cases. For instance, we've defended:

  • The owner of an escalator involved in a fatal accident;

  • Cities sued for accidents occurring at parks or on multi-use trails;

  • Trip-and-fall cases; and

  • The owner of a shopping mall sued by a trespasser for false arrest.

Construction Law

Construction Site

Our lawyers have experience handling claims arising out of construction activities. For instance, we've represented:

  • A crane owner in a wrongful-death lawsuit;

  • General contractors sued for job-site injuries; and

  • A project owner sued for property damage allegedly caused by tunneling activities.

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